Our Residency at Spike Hill starts tonight!!!

Our Saturday night residency starts tonight!!! All the shows are FREE so feel free to stop on by, have a drink (or don't if you don't like to drink) and party with us. We're working out our next album so the odds are great that you'll be able to catch a song or two that you've never heard before at each show.

Here are the dates and times:

1/18 - 11:00 PM

1/25 - 10:00 PM 

2/1   - 11:00 PM

2/8   - 10:00 PM (EP release party)

Also, our upcoming "Afirmation Caravan EP", which is due to release February 11th, has been receiving some decent press recently. If you would like a teaser of the new music go ahead and visit Ourvinyl (free download), MTVU or SYFFAL and catch the new "Islands." You can also just watch it on youtube: