We're Writing

Hey everybody, we just wanted to let you know we're still around. Right now, we're in the process of writing our new album. We're nine songs in, so by the next time you hear us live (Dec. 14th @ Spike Hill) you'll be able to catch some tunes you've never heard before.

We also have four songs which we'll be releasing in February as part of a new EP named "Affirmation Caravan". We've re-recorded a few songs from "All Rivers and Oceans" with Colin, who wasn't a member when it was released. The tunes are also re-mixed and re-mastered, so, for all intents and purposes these songs are brand spanking new!!! There will also be videos for these songs so stay tuned for that!

Finally, we will be having a residency at Spike Hill starting January! It's a Saturday night residency, and all the shows will be free! That should be a total blast! In the meantime enjoy this photo of us during at last tour (this is at the Rock and Roll Hotel in DC) :

CMJ 2013

It's that time of the year when thousands of bands and performers descend on NYC. It's the CMJ festival again, and if you're like us you're probably not sure which of the thousands of shows to see. Luckily for us, we know of three shows we have to go to!

Oct 17 CMJ SHOWCASE @ Bar Matchless



Stop by and rock out with us. We'll be doing three distinct sets, so you'll most definitely hear your favorite Isle of Rhodes tunes. 

It's been a while...but we're still kicking!

So, we've been back from tour for a little bit, but we've been busy. Right now we're scheduling our next tour, and this one will include a midwest segment! So, stay tuned for the upcoming dates.

Also, All Rivers and Oceans has been released by red as of today! That means you can now make purchases of the album on all your favorite places... with the exception of bandcamp. The album will no longer by live on bandcamp.

Lastly, make sure to look us up on Facebook. It's a great way to stay to keep updated with our latest breaking news.

On to Pascagoula

So far the tour has treated us really well. We've made friends in every town we've played. Between the couches you've shared with us, the BBQ you've fed us, we feel like we have gotten a real glimpse of true southern hospitality.

Right now we're on our way to Pascagoula with our friends Rare Monk who are on their way to SXSW as well.
We met them last night at The Nick in Birmingham AL. Tonight we play with them at the Celtic Irish Pub in Pascagoula. So come on out and party with us!

On Tour...

So, we're on tour right now and having a good time. We arrived in Richmond after a pretty uneventful drive through Winter Storm Saturn. According to the weather channel 11 inches of snow was supposed to fall, however, it didn't..... It was just a cold wet drive.

We had a blast last night playing at Chapala's in Burtonsville. It was great crowd, and we loved seeing everyone who came. Of course, every show has it's hitch, and in this case we had a blown reverb pan in our space echo. Fortunately for us, Henry, who worked the sound board and performed in Sleepwell last night, bailed us out by allowing us to use his reverb pedal. That allowed us to rock out in the comfort of good sound! It was also great luck that Pro-Tech in Burtonsville carried the correct replacement reverb pan! We picked it up this morning before we left for Richmond. 

Burtonsville, we love you!