On Tour...

So, we're on tour right now and having a good time. We arrived in Richmond after a pretty uneventful drive through Winter Storm Saturn. According to the weather channel 11 inches of snow was supposed to fall, however, it didn't..... It was just a cold wet drive.

We had a blast last night playing at Chapala's in Burtonsville. It was great crowd, and we loved seeing everyone who came. Of course, every show has it's hitch, and in this case we had a blown reverb pan in our space echo. Fortunately for us, Henry, who worked the sound board and performed in Sleepwell last night, bailed us out by allowing us to use his reverb pedal. That allowed us to rock out in the comfort of good sound! It was also great luck that Pro-Tech in Burtonsville carried the correct replacement reverb pan! We picked it up this morning before we left for Richmond. 

Burtonsville, we love you!