As most of you know, we have our tour send off tonight at Rock Shop. It's going to be an amazing night featuring 3 other great bands! If you haven't done so already, we highly encourage you to rsvp


Now here comes the surpising news!!! We are pre-releasing our brand spanking new EP today. You may ask why are we "pre-releasing"? Well, here comes the other piece of big news: we are now being distributed byRED. Since, the actual release date of the EP is in April, and it's being distributed by red, we had to make a decision, wait or pre-release to our loyal fans. We chose the latter! 

Being distributed by Red is a very big deal, but it is also the reason why our music hasn't been on Spotify or itunes for past few months. Don't worry, it will be back up there very soon. In the mean time, enjoy our EP on bandcamp.

So come on out tonight, celebrate with us, have a drink, and stay tuned as we upload pictures from our upcoming tour!!!